Harvest CFO completes several successful placements for PE portfolio and other companies

July 2016 – Harvest CFO has recently completed successful placements of financial leaders (CFO, VP of Finance and Controller) for several PE portfolio and other companies. For each of these companies, the financial leadership role is a critical tactical and strategic executive position working collaboratively with the company’s CEO/president, management team, PE firm and board to execute on the strategic plan of continued profitable growth.Don Hillier, CEO of Harvest CFO states “Successful financial leaders for PE portfolio and middle market companies are not just scorekeepers. They are the ‘A Players’ fully in the game with their sleeves rolled up, equally adept at tactical detailed financial management and being a partner in creating and guiding strategy. They are highly skilled at adding value across all operational aspects of the business. They provide leadership for critical system and process upgrades, are great relationship builders within the company and also with customers, suppliers, banks, CPA and law firms. They are true business partners with their CEOs, management teams and PE firm. The right financial leader improves the effectiveness of their CEOs and management teams to achieve the company’s vision for success. Harvest CFO works closely with the company’s decision makers to create the “Blueprint for Success” for their specific role. Our exhaustive research and sourcing activities create the right prospect pool and our rigorous due diligence identifies the best candidates from this pool. We consistently bring the ‘A Players’ to PE portfolio and middle market companies. Our non-traditional economic model completely aligns our sole goal of delivering the best financial leader with the goal of our clients.”

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