• Delivering the Right Financial Leaders to Private Equity Portfolio and Middle Market Companies Throughout the US

Harvest CFO is a recognized premier executive search firm with a singular focus of delivering the right financial leaders for the roles of CFO, VP of Finance and Controller to Private Equity portfolio and middle market companies across the U.S. The financial leaders we deliver enable Private Equity firms, CEOs and business owners to fulfill their visions of building great, successful companies.

We work with several Private Equity firms across the US, as well as with North American segments of global companies, divisions for US conglomerate holding companies and entrepreneurial and family owned companies.  Our brand is built on unquestioned integrity in all that we do, quality and execution on every engagement.  We have a continuous focus on improving every aspect of our business for our customers which include our client companies, Private Equity firms, our referral sources and the financial leaders who work though our process.

We Truly Understand the Needs of Private Equity (PE) Portfolio and Middle Market Companies

It is imperative for PE portfolio and middle market companies with a vision for success to have the right financial leader. Not having the right financial leader is a substantial loss opportunity cost that can negatively impact EBITDA and company value. We deliver the right financial leaders who enable PE portfolio companies and management teams realize their vision to build a successful company and improve PE portfolio ROI which enhances ongoing PE fund raising capabilities.

Successful financial leaders for PE portfolio and middle market companies are not just scorekeepers, they are the “A Players” fully in the game with their sleeves rolled up equally adept at tactical detail financial management and being a partner in creating and guiding strategy. They are highly skilled at adding value across all operational aspects of the business, they provide leadership for critical system and process upgrades, are great relationship builders within the company and also with customers, suppliers, banks, CPA and law firms and are true business partners with their CEOs, management teams and PE firm partners. The right financial leader improves the effectiveness of their CEOs and management teams to achieve the company’s vision for success.

Client Services


We deliver the right CFOs for PE portfolio and middle market companies of diverse industries across the U.S. with revenues ranging from early stage platforms to global pre-IPO $1BN+ enterprises.


We deliver the right consulting CFOs for critical interim needs for PE portfolio and middle market companies of diverse industries across the U.S. with revenues ranging from early stage platforms to global pre-IPO $1BN+ enterprises.

  • “We are very pleased we utilized Harvest for our CFO search. I certainly would recommend Harvest CFO to companies seeking highly skilled financial leadership.”

    CEO $100MM Manufacturing Company

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  • “ Harvest CFO quickly assessed our needs and immediately brought to us highly skilled individuals who had the skillsets and attributes to fit our specific needs.”

    CEO $150MM Metals Processing Company

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  • “Harvest CFO did an excellent job working with us to determine the specific skills, attributes and leadership qualities needed for success in our CFO role”

    CEO $135MM Logistics Company

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Why Harvest CFO

Every Search is Unique and Our Methodologies Provide the Best Results – Every Time

We commence each search with decision makers building the “Blueprint for Success” for their specific role as to skillsets, functional requirements and personal and behavioral attributes necessary for success – and not just short term success, but success throughout the long term vision. This “Blueprint” is then used for our exhaustive sourcing efforts to build the right prospect pool and throughout our rigorous candidate due diligence process that enables the “A Players” to stand out from the pack.

Our Candidate Criteria is Very High

Each candidate that we introduce has to meet our criteria as to being “Spot on” in regards to industry experience, skillset requirements, intellectual and chemistry fit with management and cultural fit for the company; and “Spotless” as to personal integrity and professional success. For PE portfolio companies we also require prior successful PE or similar experience. We make every effort to fill each role with individuals from the local geographic market.

Our Candidate Due Diligence Process is “Best in Class” – And Generates the Best Results

Our candidates tell us that our due diligence process is a lot of work – and is also the best they have seen. Our process is created based on a mindset of a CFO with a focus of maximizing value in the financial leadership role and minimizing downside risk. Only the right financial leaders for the role make it through our due diligence process.

Our Progress Reports and Candidate Documentation

We provide ongoing reports to decision makers communicating our search engagement progress, status of each candidate in due diligence and sourcing activities. Our candidate documentation enables decision makers to start their process at a higher level and leads to a very efficient process.

Our Economic Model Builds Real Partnership

We have a unique economic model that aligns our sole focus of delivering the best financial leader with the goals of the PE firms and companies we work with and creates a real partnership to achieve success.

Our Clients Are Our Best Form of Advertising

The PE firms and leadership for companies we work with will tell you we deliver the right financial leaders.

Harvest CFO Delivers the Right Financial Leader to meet the company’s specific needs.