Financial Discipline is a Fierce Competitive Edge

It is no exaggeration to say that growth and middle-market companies live and die by their cash. During the past recession and preceding financial crisis, the cash that formed the lifeblood of these businesses nearly stopped flowing. The 2008 global financial crisis, which slowed commerce dramatically and placed severe constraints on credit, forced many growth and middle-market companies to manage through more serious and more frequent liquidity crises than ever before. This experience motivated many companies to make lasting changes in the way they approach the financing of their businesses including increased attention to the fundamentals of funding their companies and ensuring financial soundness and stability. As a result of the financial hardships experienced during the economic downturn, leading companies have become more financially disciplined as they are more likely to maintain a lean cost structure, a strong balance sheet, and optimal levels of cash and liquidity than prior to the economic crisis and recession that followed.

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