Harvest CFO Delivers Best Value Proposition for PE Portco Interim CFO Needs

Harvest CFO consistently delivers the best value proposition for companies seeking the right financial leaders for shorter term “interim” needs. Through the Firm’s proprietary extensive national database and network of PE portfolio company (Portco) interim CFOs, we deliver candidates with the right industry experience and skillset needed to be successful in interim engagements within 5 to 10 business days from initial request. Our interim fee model is typically 25% to 35% less cost than our competition. We work very hard to fill interim roles with individuals from the local geographic market thereby avoiding travel costs and commuting issues and increasing the probability of good chemistry and cultural fit. When the best outcome is the interim CFO converts to the permanent CFO, our model results in a highly successful transition.

Don Hillier, CEO of Harvest CFO states, “We do not take a generalist approach for our interim roles. Instead we present successful PE Portco CFOs with relevant industry experience and skillset needed for the specific interim need. Our interim cost model creates tremendous value for our clients and enables us to attract and retain the absolute best talent for the duration of our interim roles. We have placed interim CFOs for several PE Portcos across the US. Similar to our permanent placements, we are relentless to quickly deliver the best talent and the best economic value for our clients.”

Harvest CFO provides executive search for permanent placement as well as contracted financial leaders for interim roles. For more information about Harvest CFO contact Don Hillier, CEO at 216-609-3033 or email dhillier@harvestcfo.com.

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