Harvest CFO Also Delivers the Right Interim CFOs to PE Portfolio Companies Across the U.S.

March 2017 – Harvest CFO, a recognized premier executive recruiting firm with a sole focus of filling the critically important financial leadership roles (CFO, VP of Finance) for Private Equity portfolio and middle market companies, follows the same high standards and criteria for delivering the right financial leaders for interim CFO/VP of Finance roles as for its permanent placement engagements.  The result is that PE portfolio companies quickly gain tremendous value from a Harvest CFO interim CFO/VP of Finance, which then results in either a conversion of the interim to the permanent role or a very smooth transition from the interim to the newly hired permanent CFO/VP of Finance.

Don Hillier, CEO of Harvest CFO states, “In addition to our permanent placement engagements, we get a steady flow of phone calls from PE firms seeking highly skilled interim CFOs/VPs of Finance for their portfolio companies. The most typical scenario is that the PE firm is either in process of closing or very recently closed on a new portfolio investment and the firm wants a CFO/VP of Finance at the portfolio company as soon as possible to lead the process to quickly transition the financial management function from one that supports the needs of an entrepreneurial or family-owned environment to a function that supports the financial and operational reporting and strategic needs in a PE environment.  We typically present the right individuals for these roles within 5 to 10 business days of the initial request.  We do not take a generalist approach for our interim roles.  Instead we apply the same criteria to source our interim candidates, who are “Spot on” and “Spotless” for the interim role, as we have with our permanent placements.  Therefore, our interims have very relevant industry experience, meet the skillset and functional requirements of the role, have chemistry and intellectual fit with the executive team and cultural fit with the company.  Same as with our permanent roles, our interim candidates must have prior successful PE portfolio company experience to be considered.  We also work very hard to fill our interim roles with highly skilled individuals from the local geographic market – which keeps costs down, greatly improves probability of a great cultural fit and improves the opportunity to convert an interim to permanent if desired.  Our cost structure creates tremendous value for our clients and enables us to attract and retain the absolute best talent for the duration of our interim roles.  We have placed interim CFOs/VPs of Finance for several PE firms for their portfolio companies across the U.S.  Similar to our permanent placements, we are relentless to quickly deliver the best talent and deliver the best economic value for the PE firms with whom we work.”

Harvest CFO, with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, is a recognized premier executive search firm with a singular focus of delivering the right financial leaders for the roles of CFO, VP of Finance and Controller to Private Equity portfolio and middle market companies across the U.S.  We work with several Private Equity firms across the U.S., as well as with North American segments of global companies, divisions for U.S. conglomerate holding companies and entrepreneurial and family owned companies.  Harvest CFO provides executive search for permanent placement as well as contracted financial leaders for interim roles.

Please visit our website at www.harvestcfo.com to learn more about how Harvest CFO delivers the right financial leaders to private equity portfolio and middle market companies across the U.S.

For more about Harvest CFO, contact Don Hillier, CEO at 888-609-3033 or email dhillier@harvestcfo.com.

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