The Role of a CFO in an Entrepreneurial Company

The role of the successful CFO in an entrepreneurial company is to enable the CEO to fulfill their vision of building a successful company and creating success. Entrepreneurial CEOs who achieve their vision of growing great companies and creating success view their company’s finance function as a key enabler for the CEO and the company to be successful. The role of the CFO in an entrepreneurial company is to make a good CEO a great CEO. This is achieved through providing to the CEO financial leadership to shield the CEO from having to focus on financial risk. The CFO is an enabler to the CEO’s vision by ensuring the financial and operational aspects of the business provide the CEO the necessary support for decision making.

The sole objective of the CFO is to enable CEOs to deliver to their companies continuous improved financial returns, increased cash flow, improved financial position and increased overall business value. The successful CFO is an enabler for entrepreneurial companies to increase profits, cash flow, working capital and financing sources to fund growth.  

Successful CFOs deliver value and high ROI to CEOs by:

  • establishing the right financial processes, tools and practices to enable efficient day-to-day financial management and enhance controls;
  • establishing the right benchmarks and ROI targets to measure operational and capital investment efficiencies;
  • providing CEOs with the right historical and prospective financial and operational data needed to make critical business decisions;
  • increasing confidence as to relationships with bankers, investors and other outside parties with financial stakes in the company;
  • determining the best means in which to bring financial resources into the company to support growth;
  • analyzing the best means to allocate resources, fund capital investments and manage working capital;
  • recognizing value drivers as well as value detractors within the business and take steps to mitigate detractors and facilitate value drivers;
  • providing the skilled “special ops” talent for successful execution on non-recurring significant business transactions;
  • reducing management stress and burn out;
  • helping CEOs and business leaders to gain a sense of financial control thereby creating a better overall working environment;
  • being a partner with CEOs in reducing risk in forming strategy.

Harvest CFO Consulting brings to entrepreneurial companies the “mindset” of making good CEOs great CEOs and delivering value and high ROI to CEOs and their companies.  Just as there is expected ROI from any business investment there should be an expectation of high ROI delivered by the CFO. From an initial financial assessment through harvesting returns, Harvest CFO Consulting provides entrepreneurial CEOs with ongoing measure as to the ROI that is being delivered.  Contact us today to determine how Harvest CFO Consulting can enable you, the CEO, to fulfill your vision of building a great company and harvest success.


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