Financial Management Critical to Continuous Success

The main aim of financial management is to successfully achieve the various goals a company establishes at any given point of time as to growth, debt levels, profitability, cash flow, investments, etc. From an organizational point of view, the process of financial management is associated with financial planning and financial control. Financial planning seeks to quantify various financial resources available and plan the size and timing of expenditures. Financial control refers to monitoring cash flow. Managing the sources and movement of funds in relation to a budget or forecast is essential for a business.

Financial management aims to boost the levels of financial resources available to the company. Continued business success is directly correlated to best practices in financial management. Harvest CFO Consulting develops with business leaders based on their goals best practices in financial management of their companies including:

  • Interpreting financial reports and financial and operations data
  • Cost controls and reducing/eliminating non-value-added costs
  • Improving the allocation of working capital within business operations
  • Review and fine tune financial budgeting, and revenue and cost forecasting
  • Financial management of production and/or projects including costing and profitability
  • Product and project pricing strategies to achieve targeted margins
  • Selecting the best funding options for business expansion, including both long and short term financing
  • Providing a clear game plan as to improving overall company valuation across the organization
  • Applying critical financial decision making techniques to assess whether to proceed with an investment
  • Benchmarking and measuring financial and operational results against goals and targets and guidance for improvements
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