Through our hard work, our efficient processes and our high candidate standards, we bring great people to great opportunities for both permanent and interim roles.

Permanent Placement Executive Search


We consistently perform highly successful searches to deliver the right financial leaders for PE portfolio and middle market companies across the US. Our client companies typically range in size from early stage platforms to global pre-IPO $1BN+ enterprises and are of diverse industries including manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, business services, professional services, consumer products, logistics, contractors, financial services, technology and health care services.

Each client engagement has four distinct phases.

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Phase 1

Create the “Blueprint for Success”

We properly identify with decision makers the specific skillsets, functional requirements and personal attributes needed for success in their role.

Phase 2

Research and Sourcing

Through our extensive research, we identify the best “markets” in which to find the right prospects. Using the “Blueprint for Success”, we exhaustively target and source individuals within these markets to create the right pool of qualified prospects. We have developed a database of thousands of financial leaders from across the U.S. in addition to a network that is at least 10x the size of our database. We make every effort to fill each role with a local candidate, regardless of geographic location, as we believe relocations are risky and a local hire increases the probability of a great cultural fit.

Phase 3

Candidate Due Diligence

Through our comprehensive, rigorous due diligence process, we identify the best candidates from the prospect pool. Candidate due diligence includes multiple candidate interviews, completion by candidates of an extensive questionnaire, skillset assessments against the “Blueprint”, behavioral assessments, extensive reference interviews and comprehensive background checks. Through this work, we deliver candidates who are “Spot on” and “Spotless” for our client’s specific role.

“Spot on” as to:

  • officerelevant industry experience;
  • for PE portfolio companies – prior successful PE or similar experience;
  • skillset, functional needs and personal attribute requirements – the “Blueprint”;
  • intellectual and chemistry fit with the management team; and
  • cultural fit with the company. 

And “Spotless” as to:

  • personal integrity; and
  • professional success.

Phase 4

Successful Close

In almost every engagement, we are asked by our clients to deliver an offer letter and to also be the intermediary to work with the selected candidate towards the successful hire. Our non-traditional economic model makes us an unbiased partner for both our client company and the selected candidate to bring the hiring process to a successful conclusion for all parties.

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Interim Roles

interim-roles-iconWe consistently provide the right interim consulting CFOs for short term critical needs for PE portfolio and middle market companies across the U.S. Through our extensive database and network of financial leaders combined with our candidate criteria, we are able to quickly deliver highly skilled interim CFOs who are “Spot on” and “Spotless” for the specific needs. We also make every effort to fill interim roles with individuals in the local geographic market. As a testimony to the quality of our interim placements, most of our interim CFOs are converted to the permanent role when that opportunity exists.

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